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A piano is a nice investment in the future which if maintained properly can provide a lifetime of joyful music in your home. Regular maintenance by a qualified technician will preserve your instrument and help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

A piano contains natural materials such as wood, felt,  metal. which is subject to changing weather conditions. Extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations cause its materials to swell and contract, affecting tone, pitch and action response or touch.

While pianos generally fall into the categories of vertical and larger models, each manufacturer selects its own materials and uses its own unique scale and furniture designs. Every piano requires a different level of service, depending on the quality of materials used and the design and level of craftsmanship. Manufacturers can provide general advice on tuning frequency but your technician can provide specific recommendations based on the use and location.

  • 30 years of piano tuning and repair experience in United States and Canada

  • Professionally trained piano tuner and piano repair technician

  • 35 years of international piano and violin concert performance

  • 20 years plus music conducting and orchestra directing experience

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